Indie Artist Blue Wilson Primes His Debut Album with Single "American Cement"

Miles Opton

If you like Tame Impala, boy do I have a treat for you. This past week, my submission inbox was blessed with “American Cement,” an indie/pop anthem by Blue Wilson, the solo project of Michael Stevenson. The LA native is in the midst of rolling out his debut album, Future Street, a compilation of influences, stories, and atmospheres he’s picked up since he started making music at 16-years-old. 

American Cement” is the third single released from the album, and solidifies Stevenson’s lush and psychedelic indie sound as something all music lovers need to hear. Through dynamic energy builds, stellar production, and thought-provoking lyricism on the ‘concrete jungle’ of LA and America, this track is as entertaining as music can get. And it’s looking like the whole Future Street album may be on the same track. 

The first single from the project is “Come Back Soon,” a melancholic yet gratifying ode to lost love, followed by “Underwater Dance,” which gives us a sense of floating through its lethargic melodies and swelling transitions.

If you can’t get enough of Michael Stevenson’s sound, also check out his other group, the LA-based trio, Small Forward, with Rounak Maiti and Campbell Scott.  

Listen to “American Cement” below: 

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