Boyish Cuts Through On Debut EP ‘Little Demon Boy’ [EP Review]

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Stolen Besos

If saying we’re living in a golden age of indie-pop seems a bit ambitious, it's certainly fair to say we’re enjoying a renaissance of the genre. Every week presents a new voice that adds to this growing sound, but for years now the duo of Boyish have been making noise in this pocket of popular music. Their most recent release, Little Demon Boy, proves that time is merely an excuse to evolve, as the tracks that compose the EP hold the duo to the highest standard they’ve reached so far. 

While their collaboration with King Princess on “Kill Your Pain” is a world-colliding success, this achievement notably isn’t the highlight of the EP. Instead it is scattered among the several highs Boyish delivers across a sprawling 6 tracks, continually inspiring new favorite moments as the EP unfolds. While the vocals may not be the most emotive, they are intimidatingly trustworthy, especially when paired with the raw and vulnerable lyrics of each track. Even in exposing themselves lyrically and thematically, the music maintains its edge, textured like a just-cured scar. There’s a lot of ground covered on Little Demon Boy: addiction, codependency, introspection, and acceptance all play a part in the EP’s exploration of queer relationships. Closing track “Doomscroller” is a dark descent with a softer side, its grimy appeal part of its posturing as a song of wanting to belong. Elsewhere on Little Demon Boy Boyish is longing for something or someone, but nowhere near as vivid as the beautiful mess that marks the project’s end. 

Boyish, populated by members India Shore and Claire Altendahl, is set to begin a tour on September 8, joining Claud on her Supermodels Part I Tour with some solo dates intertwined. The duo have become accomplished veterans when it comes to sharing the stage, having opened for spill tab, Wallice, MUNA, Hippo Campus, and Japanese Breakfast. Armed with new material and heavy momentum, Boyish is poised to rise to the top of the niche genre they’ve helped popularize.

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