Cardi B and Reebok Collaborate on 90s-Inspired Collection

Rachel Guttman

Cardi B teamed up with fashion conglomerate, Reebok, to promote a contemporary new collaboration on sneakers with a 90s theme. After a successful partnership with Reebok in the past on Cardi B’s sneaker line, Club C, they decided to reunite for round two. On April 23rd, Cardi B and Reebok plan to announce Cardi B’s new apparel line, which will be her first ever apparel collection.

Simultaneously, Cardi B will be announcing brand new colorways for her Club C line of sneakers, as well as new size options for consumers. Cardi B and Reebok both aim to inspire individuals to represent her designs and feel confident while wearing them. All in all, she wants to produce trendy articles of clothing and shoes that anyone can wear and wants individuals to be comfortable in their own skin.

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