The Artistry of Audrey Nuna

Audrey Brandes

It’s impossible to know what to expect next from Audrey Nuna. The Korean American artist is seen smoothly rapping over pacy trap beats one moment and crooning sultry R&B melodies the next. Her latest track “Space” is a delicate ballad intertwined with subtle hip-hop beats and an eerily beautiful video to match. I’m feeling serious FKA Twigs and Billie Eilish vibes, yet Nuna exists in her own lane.

She appears to be a visual artist as much as a musical one, constantly putting emphasis on the aesthetic component of her haunting tunes. In her video for “Space,” Audrey Nuna plays with a muted color palette, some absolutely stunning costume changes, and a host of beautiful location changes. As she softly sings, “I just need some space,” she depicts images of herself tied down by her long hair, entrapped in plastic tarps, and tumbling underwater – presenting the futility in her desire to break free. In just 3 minutes and 23 seconds, she tells a story - one that is captivatingly haunting and vulnerable.

I’m unable to lump Audrey Nuna into any one category. She is a true chameleon, her sound constantly evolving. Audrey’s gentle side takes forefront in “Space,” a surprisingly refreshing change from her often braggadocios rapping and punchy belting. She is a creative in every facet of the word and it’s impossible to ignore her true artistry. Check out “Space” to see what I’ve been going on about.

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