The Collab of The Year: "The girl, so confusing version with lorde"

Ben Wego

The most epic collab of the year has just been released. With the release of her newest album BRAT, already a certifying itself as a staple in pop music, boiler room pop sensation Charli xcx has been releasing a string of remixes for songs featured on the album (i.e. 360 remix with yung lean and robyn). 

 Among these unpredictable and sensational remixes is ‘the girl, so confusing so confusing version with lorde’. With Lorde being such an elusive figure in music no one could’ve seen this collab coming. However, after the release of ‘BRAT’, many speculated that the song "the girl, so confusing" was about Lorde with lucid hints to Charli being constantly compared to another artist ("people say we’re alike / they say we’ve got the same hair"). Lorde later posted on her instagram story congratulating Charli on the record and giving her praise. 

 Lorde enters the remix with a purpose. That purpose being to address the endless comparison of women in music (you and me on the coin the industry loves to spend) and to clear the misunderstanding and impression she gave to Charli as being uninterested and envious. 

 Over head banging club instrumentals, Lorde’s vocals are flawless as usual and add another layer of depth to charli’s autotuned rhythmic ambience. Her gut wrenching lyrics glide over the club shredded dance arrangement and catchy chorus of the song as she works it out with Charli on the remix. She brings open vulnerability to the track, describing her struggle with an eating disorder and personal insecurities which gave Charli the wrong impression, recognizing that it’s "just self defense until you’re building a weapon".

 Charli xcx’s “The girl, so confusing version with Lorde" was a genius way to openly bring the conversation of endless comparison of female artists into a broader light where fans and even the artist themselves could finally delve into and understand the value of communication, honesty and collaboration in the music industry and how detrimental the effects of first impressions and internet culture can be to relationships between artists. 

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