Chris Patrick’s Electric Flows Highlight 'Lost Files' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

Chris Patrick, a New Jersey native, refuses to be put in a box. While his most recent EP, Lost Files, is only three tracks, it showcases how dynamic he is and how much variety he can bring to the table.

He starts off with a bang hopping on the viral remix of Bruno Mars’ “Too the Moon.” Usually, when artists try to sample a viral song that has made its way through the realms of TikTok, it feels forced. In this instance, Chris Patrick spins it into a completely different atmosphere with his electric vocals and hard-hitting flows over the drill-inspired remix.

The second track, “Zendaya,” is a slower track that highlights his angelic vocals yet again. The atmosphere is way more ambient and catches a groove that Patrick is known for. Finally, he wraps up the EP with “Back On Road,” which encapsulates everything that makes him great. The energy is quintessential with his vocal delivery, and his harmonies are addicting to listen to.

Lost Files” is just a tease for what is to come for Chris Patrick, and if this is any indication of what’s in store, buckle your seat belts because more great music is on the horizon. Listen to the new EP below:

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