WizTheMc Brings More Heat with Deluxe to 'Where Silence Feels Good' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

I thought WizTheMc’s EP, Where Silence Feels Good, couldn’t get any better. It had seven tracks that were cohesive and brought a different sound to the table with groovy rhythms packed all over. Well, I was wrong.

The Toronto-based singer added three more songs, “Walk Away,” “Fallin,” and “Fck Love,” featuring BENEE, to the project. I’d argue they are some of his most impressive to date. It’s almost like he was saving the best for last on purpose.

Starting with, “Walk Away,” WizTheMc takes us through what appears to be a toxic relationship with beautifully layered vocals, catchy ad libs, and a production that packs a perfect summer punch. “Fallin” brings together what I think is one of his most impressive performances, with a chorus that channels his crisp harmonies. Finally, “Fck Love,” brings fantastic chemistry between him and BENEE. The fast-paced track fuses fantastic rapping with indie-inspired singing.

WizTheMc never gets old and seeing him drop a deluxe to his already fantastic project should simply bring a smile to people’s faces. Listen to the EP below:

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