Break Free with CIL's Latest Release: "Devil in Your Eyes"

Emma Neveux

I like to think I have a good intuition when it comes to figuring out people and what their real intentions are. I’d like to insist on the “like to think” part of this statement. As much as I enjoy claiming that I know a lot, I actually don’t, especially when it comes to humans who are the most unreliable creatures. So being deceived is more than to be expected. But while it is to be expected, it doesn’t mean that we are ready for it at all time – and when it hits, it can hit hard. It’s not nice. But believe it or not, CIL managed to render this unpleasant experience into an engaging and gratifying one.

After her first acclaimed release earlier this year, the 20 year old soulful pop artist is releasing her second track of 2023 to kick off her latest label deal with Warner Records, which has just been made public. Might as well.

According to a statement by CIL, "Devil In Your Eyes" is centered around the theme of liberation. It conveys the idea of discovering that someone you trusted was not who you believed them to be, leading to a potential heartbreak. However, the silver lining is that you are freeing yourself from their grasp. A perfect contrast of torture and comfort which really resonates in the nature of her vocals throughout. The singer shines once again by showcasing both her raw and edgy vocals, alongside her very soft tones. The song really aligns with the rollercoaster feeling of being deceived, by having instrumental crescendos and change of rhythm paces, making her track very cathartic. You can hear the cry of hopelessness while still being patted on the back by some hopeful notes.

I usually like to close up with a funny relatable note, but I’d like to put all jokes aside for this one. I don’t often listen to a track on repeat and still end up wanting to hear it again. So CIL, you made it, congrats. Just go have a listen, you’ll see the other ones will just follow.

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