Couch Delivers Instantly Timeless Self-Titled EP 'COUCH' [EP Review]

Audrey Brandes

Musical group Couch has already established their timeless sound with single, “Black Bear Lane,” a track that has been on repeat since it’s release earlier this year. A melange of soul, rock, pop, and jazz, Couch’s style is effortlessly smooth and equally refreshing. No fancy frills, no overbearing beats – just simple yet stellar vocals and instrumentals. The group’s anticipated self-titled EP dropped last week, showcasing their classic sound and versatility. The project’s sound spans decades, bringing in influences from 70s disco, 60s rock, 50s doo-wop, with a contemporary twist. Pinpointing just one era as an inspiration for this project is an impossible feat. It exists in a realm of its own.

While every track on the EP is unique in its own right, they flow together cohesively, creating one big feel-good masterpiece. The opening track “Still Feeling You,” meanders into modern alt-pop classification – all the while overlain with flourishing trumpets and jazz flairs. The group seamlessly flows into more stripped down, subtle tracks such as “Like Before” and the aforementioned “Black Bear Lane,” which allow the velvety vocals to shine. Closing out with one of the group’s breakout tracks, “Fall Into Place,” is an uplifting, jazzy anthem a la Amy Winehouse. Couch’s latest EP is a soulful, elevating work of art that will automatically sprinkle some joy into your day.

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