Hard Car Kids Join Forces for Nostalgic Debut EP 'Dream Cruise'

Ian Tsang

Detroit based collective, Hard Car Kids, released their debut EP Dream Cruise – making a name for themselves with a project sporting those nostalgic windows down vibes. With a roster as deep as theirs - garnering talented musicians such as Charlie Burg, Jacob Sigman, austenyo, stoop lee, Munch, and Leo Pastel for an all-star lineup – the result never falls short of spectacular.

Every song, whether from their 2019 formation era or now, is reminiscent of a group of friends linking together for a top tier track. This is just the case – as the Hard Car Kids is the epitome of our self desires (just joining friends for good times, good vibes, and amazing music production). Their friendship goes on full display on the track “Are U Coming Over?” (pre-released last December), where laid back beats, a keyboard, and perfectionist vocals become the building blocks for a breakthrough EP.

“Said it’s a really good day to tell you what I been feeling,

Yesterday I woke up early for no reason.

I keep seeing pics of you on my phone,

You goin' out, thought you were staying at home?”

While all the artists pursue solo careers in their common musical language, there’s something about them coming together that peaks their abilities. Every HCK artist, singing or rapping, spices up the tune to perfection – navigating the thrills with precision, at just the right amount. “Electrogroove” does this well, bringing fine-tuned vocals in harmony with the “lax” off-stepping 808s.

“Told me at night you come alive,

Damn she wanna come through, whip it while I drive.

Damn, rip the seat back, if you wanna feel the vibe,

Come lay with me, and then you come alive.”

The Hard Car Kids’ greatest asset is their diversity. Every artist has their own unique flow and distinctiveness, which makes their solos a novelty each-and-every time. Regardless of if you’re already a fan or a little late to the party, join the Dream Cruise below:

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