Daniel Noah Miller Shares Spanish Translation For “Tipico”

Kieran Kohorst

Daniel Noah Miller’s 'Disintegration' has held steady as one of this year’s most notable breakthrough efforts, but the work isn’t quite done for the Nicaraguan artist. He’s recently shared a Spanish translation of the album track “Typical,” one of many standouts from his debut album released in February. “Tipico” keeps intact the sober, no-reservations approach of the original recording, though there seems to be a bit more care invested in this recent version. As it turns out, a whole new part of him is opened up in his Spanish delivery: “I used to make acoustic demo translations of previous work to send to my family in Central America, and this is just a more fully realized version of that idea,” Miller shares, shedding light on where the extra weight seems to be coming from. “They have always supported me and my music, and over time I’ve become aware that much of my practice is designed around honoring my parents and our collective family.”

The shift tangible in his new recording exceeds the personal, he says. “Translations are an interesting exercise: finding new rhyme schemes and rhythms, phrases that can change the meaning of certain lines, even the feel of the song entirely. I’ve done my best here to let this take on a life of its own, and the changes in the production and arrangement reflect that. As I begin to chart my own path with my work, one of my few aims is to have my body of songs reflect every side of my reality and upbringing. "Típico" is a small gesture to this effect."

Small gestures can be found throughout Miller’s debut record, where he pours himself fully into each track, tearing himself apart at the seams as a way to shed the past, emerging on the other side of the album as a more established artist. Also belonging to the band Lewis Del Mar, Miller wrestles with and ultimately lands on an identity with Disintegration. Loyal to his experiences and the truths that they have revealed, “Tipico” is a fitting epilogue to this chapter of Miller’s career.

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