Declan McKenna Is The Real Deal [Live Show and Album Review]

Milly Wensley

If you’re not familiar with Declan McKenna, you’re at least familiar with one of his hits such as “Brazil” or most recently a TikTok viral cover of “Slipping Through My Fingers.” I am lucky enough to have been a fan since his 2017 debut album “What Do You Think About The Car?,” followed by equally amazing “Zeros” in 2020. Needless to say I’ve been anxiously awaiting new music from Declan for about four years. I had the chance to hear his brand new album “What Happened To The Beach?” live in London the day before release, but now as you’re reading this, the album is available for all! 

To start, let’s talk about the live show. Declan sounded absolutely amazing live, he and his guitar commanded the room seamlessly. From the new album I was familiar with leading singles “Elevator Hum,” “Sympathy,” “Nothing Works,” and “Mulholland’s Dinner and Wine.” Of these four tracks, there was an undeniable energy from the crowd during “Sympathy” and “Nothing Works”. These tunes are perfect to sing and dance along to. One of my favourite newer songs was easily “I Write The News”, it has a nostalgic Beatles-like feel to it. Hearing it for the first time already seemed so familiar, something I always love in a song. Another one that stood out to me was “It’s an Act”, hearing this live heightened the emotional essence of the track. 

There are so many things to love about this album, it suits fans of every era. There are sounds on here that are reminiscent of both his first and second album while a majority is overwhelmingly exciting and new. As always I love for an album to fit sonically well start to finish and Declan has crafted a musically satisfying journey from “WOBBLE” to “4 More Years”. Besides his new album Declan took the time to perform some classics. I was thrilled to hear some all-time favourites “Brazil”, “Make Me Your Queen”, and “British Bombs” at his album launch show as well. Everyone in the room knew each and every word creating an unbeatable atmosphere.  

Declan McKenna has done it again on “What Happened To The Beach?”. He’s given the world 12 exciting new songs that will easily help add to his growing list of classics. He’ll be embarking on a UK and EU tour this coming Spring which if you can’t tell by now I highly recommend. Be sure to listen to “What Happened To The Beach?” and send your favourite song to a friend.

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