dee holt Is Calmly Commanding on New Single, “Sober”

Kieran Kohorst

We all know, or have known, that person in our life who becomes a whole new character when intoxicated. There’s no tried-and-true way to negotiate with a person of this nature, but dee holt is introducing an emboldened new strategy: alienation. “Come and see me when you’re sober,” she calmly commands on her newest single, “when you get rid of your persona, ‘cause right now I don’t even know ya.” In this case, holt opts for self-preservation rather than cooperation with a friend-turned-stranger. Her casual lyricism and delivery imply an unsympathetic and inconsequential relationship dynamic, one that holt can dominate even if subtly. The production adds to the effect, essentially a sonic eye-roll of exhaustion by account of frivolous behavior. Regretfully relatable, “sober” accentuates all there is to love about dee holt.

The single follows “We’ll Be Alright”, a Christmas-bummer ballad-type that brings all the sentimentality out of the holidays. A standoffish anthem, “sober” simultaneously distinguishes and aligns holt with her contemporaries, namely Billie Eilish and Charlotte Lawrence. The 18 year old from Montreal has been busy this year, releasing her When I Close My Eyes EP in May and 3 other singles in the remaining months. Even at this rate, the music can’t come soon enough, as holt’s fan base grows in unison with her discography. If you’re the person that brings new music into others’ lives, add dee holt to your collaborative playlists. And if you’re the person “sober” was written about, don’t be surprised if we start taking holt’s advice — it’s in your best interest.

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