Montreal's dee holt Gives Playful Warning in "Nobody Like You"

Perry Avgerinos

There's a common saying that states you simply "can't have it all." Well for 18 year old dee holt, she's living proof that maybe you can. A born creator who sings, animates, and simply has the "it" factor – holt delivers an infectiously playful warning to a love interest, in her latest single, "Nobody Like You."

The Montreal native grew up in a creative household – with a musical father and mother who paints. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before holt discovered her born talents, finding confidence in both her musical abilities, and visually with animation through her college major. First releasing music in 2020, holt has already found some initial success and recognition in the early stages of her career. But don't worry, you're still early to this future star – and if you don't know dee holt yet, I believe "Nobody Like You" is the strongest introduction to her talents.

"Nobody Like You" is driven by dee's honeyed vocal tone, elegantly floating in space, only pulled back to earth with the bedroom pop drum beat and nonchalant guitar strums. It's hard not to hear a resemblance in tonal similarities with the great Billie Eilish – which is the highest of compliments – yet dee has her own demeanor, soaked in banter and youthful bliss. Her lyrics "You got that simple silly smile and I could die for it" stood out to me, in both the tasteful use of alliteration, and her delivery – embodying the spirited tension between her and the protagonist. At just over 2 minutes in length, the song is simply too short, and there's virtually no chance you don't play it back at least twice.

holt said of the track, "It's about a one-way relationship, knowing you're only playing games, but still going along with it, and having fun while it lasts. In order to write this song, I really had to throw myself into a persona and push myself to create a character and pretend. I feel that this song really helped me break my mold as an artist and discover new sounds, new vibes, and try new things."

dee holt is simply Canada's next artist to keep close tabs on in 2022. With each new release showing growth and range, holt is poised for her breakout moment, and we'll be here along the way. Listen to "Nobody Like You" below:

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