Get To Know gianni & kyle [Interview]

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Name a better duo, I'll wait.

gianni & kyle have been crafting hits for quite some time now, so naturally, we were curious about their secret sauce. The friendly and genuine pair of creatives tell us a little bit about their proudest moments, their would-be careers in another life, and quarantine life in this must-read Deep Dive below.

We've had "wdym" on repeat throughout quarantine, what's the inspiration behind this one?

We actually wrote "wdym" years ago around the same time we wrote "pop a pill" and recently rediscovered it. We were like wtf this is dope we need to drop this lol. So we re-recorded it, changed a few lyrics and BOOM! "wdym" isn’t about anyone specifically but just things we’ve witnessed in relationships over the years growing up. The back & forth of a couple falling apart uncontrollably & realizing they’re not as strong as they once were, trying to blame one another for the break up. A lot of people have been through that and we just wanted to conceptualize it!


You guys have crazy chemistry, walk us through your creative process, how do you typically work together?

One of us will come to the other with a song idea. Could be a line, melody, anything really. We bounce off each other until we create something solid. It's always been like that. It was pretty much an instant connection when we started working together where we realized we were on the same page musically & could trust one another with the writing process.


How have you guys been staying creative in quarantine?

It was pretty tough at first because we didn’t see each other for months just trying to be as safe as we possibly could. BUT, we figured out how to send demos to each other so we could essentially work separately & when we felt it was safe enough we could get into a real studio to record. We still have a bunch of scratch demos waiting to be created into real deal songs. Honestly, a lot of our ideas come when we’re online playing Battlefront 2 together lol we’re nerds.


Are there any artists you guys really want to work with, or look up to?

We really want to do a song with T-Pain. We think we could make something really dope. We have really strong influence from artists from the early 2000’s so a lot of artists from that era we look up to. 


What's your proudest moment so far in your career and what's next for the gianni & kyle project?

Proudest moment was doing our first headline shows before quarantine and seeing fans there strictly for us. It felt completely different from being an opener which was what we’ve been used to. What’s next is a lot of new music, hopefully some virtual shows & definitely real shows after quarantine. And even some non-music related content we’re looking forward to!


What was the turning point in your career when you realized you guys could do music full-time?

The turning point was when we started getting more than like 1,000 plays on our SoundCloud lol when we started getting like a good amount of streams and people started to really believe in us. The music started to get a lot better the more we practiced and we realized if we put in enough effort we could live off music. So a lot of sleepless nights later here we are!


What's the best part of working in a duo, and do you have any advice for other duos just getting started?

The fact that one can pick up where the other is lacking, like one thing Gianni can’t figure out I know Kyle can & vice versa. Any advice we’d give to starting duo’s is to trust one another and always have each other's backs because having that trust is super comforting in an industry like this. 


You guys are always dripping, where's your favorite place to shop?

Since quarantine depop has been hella helpful for us lol we just get stuff shipped right to us! Out of pure coincidence I even bought a shirt from a person that ended up being a fan of ours. It was hilarious, the shirt is fire though.


To someone who hasn't heard a gianni & kyle song (unfortunate for them), what's one thing they should know about you guys?

"if ur in ur feelings, join the club."

In another life, if you guys weren't recording artists, what would you be doing for a living?

Kyle would probably be a Jedi in a galaxy far far away & Gianni would be going through the necessary steps to become a late night talk show host.

What can we expect from you guys in 2021?

We’ve been staying a little under the radar because we’re planning a lot of new music, content, projects, live performances and all that good stuff. Keep a look out for that when the time comes :)

Listen to gianni & kyle's latest single below!

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