Get To Know Gunnar Gehl [Interview]

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The bellowing voice of Gunnar Gehl softens just a bit for this Deep Dive, touching on the power of music, mental health, and a bit of advice for his fans. While certainly focusing on his music, Gunnar has a firm handle on what truly matters. Take a read through our conversation and get acclimated with the rapidly growing artist: Gunnar Gehl.

So during Quarantine you started a “One Second Of One Day” livestream series. Tell me a little bit about that. Is this something you’d consider doing again in a similar capacity?

"One Second Of One Day" was, I believe, the best thing I could have done during this time. It was such a special series where we got to perform and talk with other artists and creators about things that truly matter. With so much uncertainty in the world right now, so many people including myself have struggled with feelings and emotions that are new and scary. This show gave us the opportunity to be real and talk about mental health in a conversational way and became such a special outlet for people to see that EVERYONE goes through their own struggles and that it is NORMAL.


You seem to have a great appreciation for the importance of mental health. Is creating music something that helps you cope with the struggles of everyday life?

Without a doubt. Music has always been my escape and release growing up. I became addicted to the way certain songs could take me to different places emotionally, so when it transitioned into songwriting it was like a whole part of myself opened up. Songwriting is my therapy and has helped me so much. One song from the EP, “Good Enough,” is one of my most vulnerable songs I’ve released yet and came from a place of such anxiety and frustration. I remember walking into the session with such a heavy weight over myself, and expressed that through my writing. By the end of the song, I walked out feeling so much better, like I had let go of a bag full of rocks.

What’s your personal favorite track off of your debut EP “One Second Of One Day.” Why?

I genuinely can’t answer this to one specific song, because I have so many favorites. “Want Me Back” is one of my favorites because of the energy in it. I write a lot of my songs thinking about my live shows, and that song is going to be SOOO fun to perform. I obviously love “Good Enough” because of the honesty and vulnerability I put into that one. “Not Even In My Dreams” holds a really special place in my heart because it’s so genuine and sweet which feels so different from a lot of my other songs that are full of angst and urgency because of where life has been at.


You’ve worked with a handful of awesome producers for this next project. How have these relationships leveled up your music?

I couldn’t be more excited. I have so much more coming. I’ve been listening to what I have in my phone right now and there’s genuinely nothing I can say other than how excited I am for you all to hear it. This current EP is just the beginning.


What’s your favorite part about making music? What message do you hope your music conveys to your fans?

The power of music is the reason I started doing this. The fact that a song can make someone feel one thing and could make someone else feel something totally different is incredible to me… When it comes to conveying a message, I really just want my music to be there for people through ups, downs and everything in between. I love nothing more than hearing and reading that my music has helped someone through a specific time, because I AM and forever will be that person. My favorite songs are the songs that take me places. 


Your impressive vocal range is certainly one of the aspects that make your music stand out. When did you figure out you could sing like that?

Woah thank you so much this means a lot. I get really hard on myself about my voice sometimes and continue to work hard on it. It’s weird though, I wouldn’t say I was born a singer at all. I don’t think I really could sing when I listen back to old videos lol, but I was determined to constantly improve it and I still am.


Who was your biggest influence musically growing up? Who’s your favorite artist to listen to right now?

Growing up I listened and got a lot of early influence from John Mayer which I think is where the guitar and artistry part comes in… But, I also listened to a lot of what my parents listened to which was more rock-leaning. You can kind of hear the influence in some of my songs. Right now I love listening to tons of music… Mostly pop, but really all genres. I love seeing other young artists and what they’re doing… really loving what Audrey Mika’s doing, Tate McRae, Lexi Jayde, and so many others. 


If you could perform at one venue or festival, which would you choose? Who was your favorite performance to watch in concert to date?

My dream show is to sell out the Staples Center… I obviously would love to play anywhere right now haha but to me the staples center moment will be the “this is it” moment.


If you could give your fans one piece of advice, what would it be?

Believe in yourself 10 times more than your biggest supporter and DO WHAT YOU LOVE. There is so so so much out there, don’t get stuck doing anything you don’t absolutely love. LOVE YOU ALL !!! Thanks so much.

You can listen to Gunnar's EP below!

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