Does Anyone Know Where Sebastian Paul Is?

Nate Rummel

It’s usually easy to see who artists were inspired by when they start releasing music. People thought early Travis Scott sounded like Kid Cudi, and early KYLE sounded like Drake. Obviously, Travis Scott and KYLE have blown up in their own right since, but it’s not surprising their first releases sounded like their idols. Sometimes though, an artist is in their own lane from the very first song, and Sebastian Paul is one of those artists.

Media outlets try to call Sebastian Paul’s music “pop” or “alternative,” but the only ways I would categorize it are “vibey” or “good.” The only problem is, he hasn’t dropped a song since 2020.

You might’ve heard some of his hits like “Trojan Horse” and “Impatient,” and if you have, you know Sebastian Paul is one of a kind. As the solo writer, producer, and performer of his music, he’s able to create something original without relying on others or conforming to any one genre.

I’ve hardly listened to anyone else for the last few weeks. Each of Paul’s songs has some unique flair that makes it memorable. The bridge of “Too Much” had me borderline sobbing and the beginning of “Lust Drunk” sounds like straight up ASMR. Everything right down to his annunciation is cool. It’s almost like he invented his own accent, listen to a couple tracks and you’ll see what I mean.

At this point, I’ve beaten his discography to death and need something new. Paul teased an upcoming project coming in 2022 before falling off the grid, so let’s hope he follows through. In the meantime, check out what might be the top song on my Spotify Wrapped this year, “Crush”.

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