Drake's Producer Noah “40” Shebib Explains How They've Been Recording During the Pandemic

Noah Schwartz

Coronavirus has affected almost everything, and it's made some things extremely difficult for the music industry. Live events haven’t been taking place which eliminates touring (the main revenue stream) for bigger artists such as Drake. On top of that, it’s been hard to coordinate in-person studio sessions especially if you need to travel somewhere. Drake and his producer/engineer “40” have had to make some changes from how they previously went about the recording process. In a recent interview, according to the Grammy-winning producer, 40 uses a software called “Connect Unit” which allows them to share and receive sound, in real-time. Also while recording, Drake can see 40’s Pro Tools screen, while communicating through either Zoom or FaceTime. It’s safe to say that things are completely different nowadays and you need to consistently adapt with the times to stay productive. Watch the full interview below!

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