Dylan’s “Someone Else” Is a Cathartic Pop Anthem

Phin Choukas

Dylan is blowing up, and her latest single, “Someone Else,” might just take that growth to a whole new level. After releasing the vibey ‘Nineteen’ in August, which has already garnered almost two million plays and has quickly rose to her #1 track on Spotify, Dylan blesses listeners with “Someone Else,” an emotion-filled, energetic pop tune with an explosive chorus. Dylan sings:

“I’m so obsessed with you darling, pretty sure it’s f*cking with my head, cause I love you and you love someone else”

On the title drop, big, swinging drums come in to accompany Dylan’s distorted voice and guitar, acting as a massive cathartic release. It’s a relatable pain that we’ve all felt before, which makes that moment hit even harder. This first chorus doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, as the tune quickly returns to the soothing verse to build up the energy all over again.

This is a track I see myself listening to on repeat for a good couple of months, and I will say that that doesn’t happen too often. There’s truly nothing like a catchy pop track that feels fresh and energizing, and Dylan’s latest track is just that, something that inspires creativity. When tracks like these come along, we’re reminded of the power and beauty of music. Stream “Someone Else” below.

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