Mark Ambor Delivers Addictive New Indie-pop Single, “The Long Way”

Miles Opton

Let’s get straight to the point - Mark Ambor just dropped a hit single. The New York native brings us infectiously catchy melodies, playful lyricism, and crisp pop production in his third release, “The Long Way.” 

There’s no doubt Mark Ambor is a name we’re likely to hear more and more often. Growing his social media presence 100-fold within the last year by casually performing as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist on Tik Tok and Instagram, it's clear people have already started to catch on to his talent. But one thing many of us didn't know was how well these raw talents would be transformed into an audio-file.

"The Long Way's" upbeat atmosphere paired with positive lyrics on the importance of patience with the people you love creates an addictive mood with an important message. Sonically, the track sprinkles in singable chorus melodies and production ear-candy all around. There's nothing more satisfying than a polished and thought-out pop song, and that's exactly what Mark just brought us.

With this marking only the beginning for the 23-year-old, it's the perfect time to get on the early wave. Listen below↓

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