Ella Rosa Progresses Her Sound on EP, 'anxious attachment style' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

After releasing her pair of singles, “not cute,” and “wait, dance,” I knew Ella Rosa was coming different for her sophomore EP, anxious attachment style. On this project, we are seeing Rosa in her element, as she fuses R&B and electronic pop into this cohesive and honest body of work. These kinds of projects where artists innovate their sounds and bend genres are my favorites. If you are a fan of Kali Uchis or PinkPantheress, this project is right down your alley. Or, if you are simply a fan of good music, this EP is the perfect listen.

Starting with the R&B cut, “not cute,” Rosa sets the tone for the EP with her alluring vocals, genuine songwriting, and ambient production. The second track, “wait, dance” is a highlight as the production is innovative with her hums panning through the production, the drums adding animation, and her vocals shining as usual.

“ur face” is full of earworm melodies and is the epitome of what I mean by fusing R&B with electronic pop. It has the same futuristic bouncy rhythm, yet her vocals are so soothing like a classic R&B track. “y u?” is arguably her most experimental track on the EP, with pitched up vocals, and it has hints of dance vibes to it. This is probably my favorite track, as I love the grooves in the production and the progressive sonic soundscape with rich layers and a bounciness I want to take with me to the club. The outro, “ruin my lyf” is the perfect closer to the project, as the delayed vocals make me float, and it captures her fast paced flow that leaves me wanting more.

Ella Rosa just released her best body of work, and the forward-thinking sound she is going for could shake things up in the music industry here soon. She is one of my favorite new artists right now, and I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow as a musician.

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