dray tyg Brings Immaculate Vibes with “bedroom tapes” [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

In the world of TikTok, sped-up songs, and BandLab taking over the industry, dray tyg is one of the few that is bringing something unique with substance. He has stockpiled over 20k followers and 718.5k likes on the platform, with his songs “Promise” and “Stranded” taking him to new heights. He has started 2023 off with a bang and just recently released his EP, “bedroom tapes.”

Each track in the five song EP has its own unique place on the project, coming together to make a cohesive tape. It kicks off with the string-laden emotional, “impatient.” I was in awe of how quickly he has evolved as a musician. The mix of R&B and bedroom pop hasn’t been done quite like this before. “can we talk?” is another example of his off-kilter, yet mesmerizing vocals, as he and ay3demi both float over a beautiful guitar loop.

My favorite track is probably “racing,” because of the heartfelt nature of the guitar meshed with his harmonies that left me in a smile. The joyous nature of the sonics in this one is special and illustrate the pure emotion in his music. “Sunset” is exactly as it sounds — a track you want to lay down at the beach in the Bahamas, drink some rum, and relax. He closes the project with, “so long,” experimenting with different ranges throughout the track and the winsome nature of it, yet again makes for a great listening experience.

I think dray tyg’s consistency and fearless ability to experiment with his vocals will allow him to take leaps as a creative, and I think he is in the driver seat to shake up the music industry this year. He is a name I am going to be following closely, as the music is undeniable.

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