EMBRZ’s EP ‘Together Till It Ends’ Feels Like a Dream [EP Review]

Joe DelloStritto

Dublin electronic artist EMBRZ delivers the vibes on a silver platter. His new 3 song EP Together Till It Ends is simply electronic bliss. The title song of the EP, “Together Till It Ends,” is equal parts smooth and effortless, as he creates a sort of dreamscape that introduces you to the 3-pack. Gliding along with synths and steady electronic bounce, EMBRZ pulls his listeners in with an unhurried simplicity.

Signed to Lane 8’s label, This Never Happened, it’s obvious the youngster has picked up some tricks from Lane 8 himself. EMBRZ’s ability to create drops that melodically flow rather than disrupt, is reminiscent of the Denver-based producer. The second track on the EP, “Movin With U,” is a great example of this. Track 2 has rhythms smoother than butter and sounds as soft as a pillow. My favorite of the three, though, is “Light Falls.” While the previous two tracks disregard vocals for the most part, EMBRZ introduces stints of female voices in the final track. These breathy vocals melt into the bright aesthetic of the production, creating a euphoric soundscape. If you wanted one sentence to describe the surging producer, I would tell you this: If Kygo and Rufus De Sol had a child, it’s name would be EMBRZ.

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