Foley’s EP 'Vacation' is Pop Perfection [EP Review]

Rachael Jansky

Foley is the brainchild of New Zealand-based duo Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett. The two have become known for their upbeat, infectious music reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. Now with the release of their sophomore EP, Vacation, the duo is showcasing their distinct sound and versatility.

At five songs and just over fifteen minutes long, Vacation feels like a sleepover with your two best friends. Jumping on the bed and dancing around in your room one minute, then having deep, heartfelt conversations the next. The magic of Foley is their innate ability to connect with listeners through their own vulnerability as they navigate life.

Vacation opens with “Keep Me on My Toes,” a funk-infused upbeat pop track. With the jumpy bass line and catchy lyricism, the song methodically draws listeners in and captures their attention. A seamless transition into “Anything Before You,” the EP continues with its bubbly electro-pop production before moving into the standout track of the project. “Better Than Love” is more somber in tone, drawing on the internal battle of deciding what the right decision is and attempting to escape the black hole of overthinking. Despite its more serious nature, Foley expertly incorporates synths creating an airy feeling within the track that still fits in with the rest of the dance-inducing EP. “Rendezvous” hears Foley return to a more care-free mindset, capturing the feeling of getting lost in the rush and lust of a fresh relationship. Vacation ends with “So Personal,” a quintessential pop song with its hypnotic chorus and melodic verses.

Top to bottom, Vacation captures the magic of Foley. The duo’s comfort with each other translates into music encompassing honest conversations about the existential crises faced by every 20-something. With a song perfect for any mood and guaranteed to get stuck in your head, Vacation is an absolute must listen.

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