ericdoa Gets Woozy on "kickstand”

Vincent Merry
Liana Glennon

Hyperpop sensation ericdoa makes a triumphant return with his latest single, "kickstand." Following his contribution to the popular video game Valorant with the soundtrack song ">one," this track marks his first release of the year and the first since his 2022 album, things with wings.

While "kickstand" still retains some quintessential hyperpop elements, it represents a noteworthy shift in Eric's musical direction. The song seamlessly melds instrumental elements from TikTok's trending "pluggnb" genre, a fusion of plugg music and RnB, with the recently popularized rage rap style. While ericdoa's vocal style and delivery remain consistent with his previous work, Venny, the lead producer of "kickstand," introduces pluck basses reminiscent of recent "Yeat" records and psychedelic synths that evoke a blend of Still Woozy and Childish Gambino.

On kickstand," Eric unapologetically boasts of his accomplishments and dismisses his doubters with lines like "You'll never be me, just give it a rest." His confidence and swagger carry over into the chorus, where he directly addresses a significant person in his life, proclaiming, "I'm a grown-ass man, girl, I don't need you / I can never tell a lie, girl, I’m too see-through." While “kickstand" may not push the boundaries of ericdoa's lyrical prowess, it undeniably delivers an infectious and memorable melody throughout the chorus.

With ericdoa's distinctive vocal style harmonizing over a psychedelic and experimental instrumental backdrop, "kickstand" is a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike.

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