FADER Label Launches Management Division

Ashley Tioni

FADER Label has officially launched FADER Management, a new management division dedicated to empowering their artists with a “creator first” approach. Founders Rob Stone and Jon Cohen look forward to using FADER Label’s existing framework and supporting cohorts such as The FADER Magazine, FADER Films, and other creative and innovative approaches to amplify the talent they’ve partnered with.

FADER Management is a natural evolution of the artist development we offer through all of the services Cornerstone and FADER provide. Management enables us to use the infrastructure across our companies to play a bigger role in helping artists build and execute the right strategy and develop incredible creative." Stone says, “The FADER has always been about the “creator first” in music, film, live events, podcasts and collaborations. Now with our management division, we’re able to truly partner with best-in-class musicians to create their visions and inspire audiences worldwide.”

Their roster currently includes Shallou, James Ivy, Del Water Gap, and Mcamp. All have made notable strides within their careers and look forward to the advancement of FADER Management.

Shallou is one of the newest artists on FADER Management’s roster. The LA based producer, singer, and environmentalist dropped his first EP titled All Becomes Okay in 2017, and has since released music that cater to both indie and electronic listeners. He’s currently finishing up a tour and recently released a single titled "Heartaches." 

Artist Shallou, FADER Management
Shallou (Photo credit: David William Baum)

He shares, "I'm really excited to be joining FADER Management! They empower artists to release music that is true to themselves, encouraging them to build their own individual niche and fanbase in many genres from pop to electronic. Carson Oberg knows how to grow an artist from a handful of scrappy demos to a full headline touring act, equipped with a healthy fanbase and major opportunities in the industry."

Shallou’s label mate James Ivy is a 21 year old Korean-American singer/songwriter/producer who is also enthused about his partnership with FADER Management. He admits that he had no official music released before partnering with FADER Management, and now has over 2 million streams after releasing his first single "Staring Contest."

James Ivy (Photo credit: Wade Schaul)

Ivy says, “As someone who had no official music released at the time I started working with the FADER Management team, it’s been a really really helpful experience for me. I definitely feel like I’m learning more every day from the people I work with, and it’s cool to be a part of a team that’s willing to grow with me as I continue to discover who I am as an artist.”

One of those people is Carson Oberg, the general manager of FADER Label. His interest in expanding FADER Label has become a reality and he looks forward to amplifying the voices of the artists they’ve signed. He shares, ​​”FADER has been at the forefront of developing stories and artists. FADER management allows us to tell an artists' story from every avenue of their business. This is just the beginning for FADER management as we are actively expanding and looking for new managers to partner with to expand our roster."

Working alongside Oberg with the advancement of FADER Management includes Matt Colwell, Director of A&R, Salvatore Maicki, Creative Content Manager, Yasmin Panah, Senior Marketing Manager, and Josh Hymowitz as Project Manager.

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