Felly Reflects on Everyday Disquiets with His Latest Single, “Crying In Sunshine" (feat. Arden Jones)

Olive Soki

There aren’t a lot of things we can be sure of in this life, however, one can rest assured that it is one hell of a wild ride. Filled with unexpected turns and occasional silver linings, the human experience is ruled by contrasting dichotomies. And while we can’t do much to derail universal scales, making peace with the hand we are dealt with is always an option. Offering a track that might make applying this mantra to your life a bit easier, LA-based artist and producer Felly shares his latest single “Crying In Sunshine.”

Brought to life in collaboration with Arden Jones, “Crying In Sunshine'' is a feel-good ode to the minutiae of everyday complexities. With lyrics that reflect on our contrarian reality (“swimming through plastic” and “raining in paradise”) it is impossible not to recognize the single's pertinent and incredibly relatable nature.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Felly discloses the following, “it’s funny and fucked up how beautiful and horrible the world is, both at the same time… you can go swimming, but it might have to be in polluted waters. (...) I think I’ve learned to look on the bright side of these unfortunate realities, but I wanted to at least recognize them with this song.”

Further contributing to the yin and yang of it all, even the instrumentation weighs into the track's existential dilemma. Sonically bright and bouncy, the simple guitar phrases scattered throughout the song veer away from its lyrical tone – while simultaneously illuminating the issues at hand.

“Crying In Sunshine” sees Felly tightrope his way around light and darkness, and to no surprise, he does so graciously. Enjoy below:

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