Five Albums Released in April You Should Be Listening To

Olive Soki

April was a busy month for music. Looking back, there wasn’t a week where I wasn’t anticipating a couple of singles, and the occasional album. From epic live compilations to debut EPs, it’s fair to say that we have a lot of ground to cover. So without further ado, here are five projects that deserve to be carried into the following months.

The Funk Will Prevail by Kaelin Ellis

Song recommendation: “CATS GROOVE”

Described as a mix between Kaytranada and Tom Misch, Kaelin Ellis’ most recent album is an experience you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Running shy of the 23 minute mark The Funk Will Prevail takes you down a beautiful and unforgettable scenic route. Easy going and relaxing, it’s hard not to give into the funk when Ellis kicks open the album's heavenly gates with the boisterous opening track “BUCK”. While most songs tend to stay within the 2 minute mark, they contain mighty and brassy components, which distract you from their short duration. Irresistible and warmly toned, The Funk Will Prevail is an undeniable essential to your summer repertoire.

From the South by Renao

Song recommendation: “Struck Gold”

Announced alongside the release of the single “Holding My Breath,” Renao’s Debut EP From The South is an absolute treat. Delivering enchanting and crafty tracks, this project is an amalgamation of his immersive sound, proving him to be an artist to keep a close eye on. With more vulnerable tunes like “Holding My Breath” and upbeat anthems like “Flares,” no two tracks sound the same, yet they all carry his creative touch in different ways. Nostalgic and refreshing, From the South is the perfect EP to brighten your days and suck you into Renao orbit.

Attention: Miley Live! by Miley Cyrus

Personal favorites: “Wrecking ball x Nothing Compares 2 U” and “4x4”

This isn’t much of a recommendation, but rather a well-needed debriefing. Earlier this month, Miley released her highly – and I mean highly – anticipated, live album. Not only is this project important to her most loyal fans, but it also marks an important point in her career. Attention was the missing piece to her legendary star status, and in many ways is her greatest hits album without exclusively being labeled as so. And unlike some acts of the past, this hit compilation fits perfectly into her career. Attention combines all the different creative phases she took on in the past decade, while showcasing her newfound musical maturity. With no clear signs of settling down, this album cements her showmanship and artistry, while simultaneously propelling her into the future as one of the true stars of our generation.

MIDNIGHT by Whethan

Song recommendations: “DON’T WORK LIKE THAT” and “COMPLICATED”

Following a couple of sporadic releases, Whethan is back with another killer album. Like a Phoenix rising from ashes – if only the ashes were replaced with fairy dust – Whethan delivered an astonishingly produced project with equally exciting guest features. Opening up with the jaw-dropping, and deliciously brass-heavy “LOCK IT UP” (featuring midwxst, Yeat, and Matt Ox), the record relentlessly gains momentum, each track out shining the last. Ending on a high note, he and his collaborators walk out almighty and victorious with the closer “COMPLICATED.” Grand and synth-tastic, “COMPLICATED” (featuring aldn and 8485) perfectly ties up the project, leaving you with the lingering thought that this album might just be his magnum opus. Imposing in sound and stature, MIDNIGHT takes you down the most captivating rabbit-hole, as Whethan effortlessly showcases his impeccable musicianship.

Mahal by Toro y Moi

Song recommendation: “The Loop” 

Finally, we have Toro y Moi’s latest album Mahal. Released on the last Friday of the month and teased for almost 4 months, the album didn’t disappoint one bit. Pulling from 70s psychedelic rock and funk, Mahal is Toro y Moi’s most eclectic album to date. As he seamlessly shuffles between wacky distortions and sly-esque bass-heavy songs, the album blends into one masterpiece worth examining and ruminating over for hours. Alongside its release, there will be an accompanying film, starring Eric Andre based on the project, which will hopefully be available very soon.

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