Renao Delivers a Beautifully Vulnerable Track “Holding My Breath”

Olive Soki

In the wake of announcing his upcoming debut EP, From The South, Renao also released a brand new single titled “Holding My Breath.” Part of a slow burn towards his upcoming project, “Holding My Breath” is one of many firsts for the singer. Not only is it more mellow than his previous songs, this single marks his first steps in his singer-songwriter cap, and I do have to say it fits him quite nicely.

Inspired by the distance and time spent away from his mother due to the pandemic, “Holding My Breath” perfectly depicts those moments where we are worlds apart from our loved ones, and left to reflect upon their presence and impact in our lives. While the distance does, in some respects, grow the hard fonder, the longing felt in between is what really sticks, and Renao seems to be no stranger to those feelings. Sung from an honest and loving place, and accompanied by a nimble yet effective guitar, "Holding My Breath” shows a different side to Renao’s sound, and a promising one at that.

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