Foxtide Have a "Hold On" Our Playlists

Freddie Fine

My weeks have been following a familiar theme: don’t sleep enough, work too much, and find a new indie rock obsession. This week, that last spot has been filled by Foxtide, a four piece band out of San Diego.

Although it had been nearly a year since their last release, they chose the perfect time in the middle of summer for their return with “Hold On,” an amazing blend of feel good production and head bopping melodies. Opening with a rapidly intensifying combination of synth and drums, lead singer Elijah quickly comes in with explosive vocals, immediately bringing you back to the indie rock sounds that controlled the 2000s. 

As they enter the chorus, guitar takes center stage of the beat as Elijah’s lyrics come through clearer than ever, grasping onto the last strands of a failing relationship. His emotion is palpable despite the thundering drums, yet by the time three minutes and 21 seconds have passed, you would have barely even noticed. “Hold On” is more than necessary for quite a few listens, and with Foxtide on the ready for a big 2023, there is no better time to be on the bandwagon.

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