viisi Denounces Situationships And Hookup Culture on “god damn!”

Vincent Merry

Short, sweet, and to the point make viisi’s “god damn!” an earworm for so many pop music listeners who are craving contemporary pop that still pushes the boundaries. Following the release of two fresh EP releases, "Episode I: Autophobia" and "Episode II: Red Windows," "god damn!" builds on viisi’s experimental pop sound.

Although “god damn!” clocks in under 2 minutes, viisi uses the limited time to describe a dubious situationship, “God damn, tell me what you wanna do”. A second verse indie-hip-hop flow reminds us of Dominic Fike and Hoodie Allen, as he details his experience further, “Before you wake up in the morning, I'm vanishing without a trace”. By the end of the track, we’re left wondering how viisi was able to create a captivating story, critique societal norms, and give us an anthemic hook on such a short track.

The backbone of this track blends elements of indie hip-hop and experimental pop. A mysterious guitar riff echoes throughout the track feeling close to melodies heard from Sub Urban or Two Feet. The production, mixing, and mastering shine especially during the chorus elevating the song to another level, making “god damn!” feel so crisp and well-crafted.

If there’s one message we can send to viisi from all of us here at Sheesh: WE WANT MORE

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