Freddie's Finds, Volume 15: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 15th volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I will spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Suave Punk, Jonah Roy x jackwoods, Geller, and GOM.

“Petals” by Suave Punk

I could not stop listening to Suave Punk all weekend, completely captivated by his DIY sound. Each song of his has a distinct concert feel to it, with every strum of the guitar sounding like it’s coming out of an amp right next to you. His newest single, “Petals,” might just be my favorite yet, taking you on an out of body experience during its four mintues. The entirely self-produced track contains otherworldly guitar throughout, almost entirely taking my attention away from the perfectly pairing distorted vocals. Speaking on the track, Suave said, “Petals is a song born from the human struggle; brought by things you can’t have, people who come and go. Sometimes the thought of it can send you spiraling as the more you try to hold on, the more it fades from you. But understanding this is a step in the right direction; it’s the first step. And I think that’s what Petals is essentially: a celebration of that realization.” This may be just his fifth song out, but Suave is displaying so many reasons to be excited for what’s in store – you cannot miss this release.

“Shapeshifting” by Jonah Roy with jackwoods

Jonah Roy has been turning heads already this year, releasing two incredible singles. It didn’t take long for a third to join them with the release of “Shapeshifting” with jackwoods. It’s clear that this duo work perfectly together, as jackwoods’ production takes Jonah’s rock influenced sound to a whole new level. The high octane track is sure to have you bouncing around no matter where you are, kicked off by a fast paced, distortion riddled first verse from Jonah. I find myself just playing the hook over and over again, completely entranced by the piercing guitar. Keep an eye out for a video coming too, as Jonah teased on his Instagram. 

“Boring Life” by Geller

Take a step into all aspects of Geller’s world on his latest release, “Boring Life.” The track explores the ups and downs of an ironically not so boring life, struggling against societal norms along his journey to become the artist he is today, saying, “The basis behind calling my life 'boring' comes from my internal conflict of constantly feeling that I am a loser with nothing exciting ever happening, and my constant battle to combat this negative self-talk. Most importantly, I want to express acceptance for all of the moments in my life: the exciting, the boring, the joyful, the sorrowful, and so much more. There is beauty in it all.” The song takes us through all these feelings, while the production helps to advance the emotion of each as Geller continues to expand his genre-bending palette. Geller just keeps growing, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

“June” by GOM

GOM just keeps rising, following up on his first release of the year, “Number 02,” with another track that has to be on repeat. “June” is, quite literally, the perfect pre-summer anthem. GOM sets the stage by telling a story of youthful love, however, the tone quickly shifts from bliss into anxiety, emphatically singing, “I hate May because it means my birthday’s coming / I got sick and tired of running, girl I’m sicking and tired of June.” aldrch contributes on the production, providing a beautiful guitar riff paired with increasing electronic elements as the song progresses. 

You can find all of my past finds in the playlist below:

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