Why You Should Be Listening to Jonah Roy’s Wondrous New Single “Pressure”

Teddy Tran

20 year old indie artist Jonah Roy is back and looking to keep his streak hot with “pressure,” his freshly released single.

The song is a beautiful composition of fast tempo, indie-inspired bedroom pop. Throughout the piece, Jonah describes the feeling of falling overboard and feeling adrift in life when the right person isn’t around. Longing for his lover back, Jonah sings “being bored with you, is better than being happy, with someone, I don’t need, I can’t see my ––– future, my lover, I tell her, I miss her.” The vocals float above and then evaporate into the complex, electric guitar, bass, and synth filled melody that, believe me, tells a whole story of its own. I found myself getting lost in my own head, reminiscing on old memories while the song played over and over again as I went on a rollercoaster of a mental journey. When speaking to Jonah about what feelings he wanted to convey with the song, he noted that he wanted to give people a feeling of nostalgia, while also giving them a song they could get hyped to, or chill to. I would say he hit the nail on the head.

“pressure” follows Jonah’s previous, breakout single “Fuck That!”, which was released due to high demand stemming from a TikTok video Jonah posted. The song appeared on Spotify’s editorial playlist New Music Friday, and was paired with a music video produced by growing media production company Cultivision. Listen to “pressure” below.

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