Freddie's Finds, Volume 16: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 16th volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I will spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Ricki Monique, Nitefire, Ajna x Q. x Angelina, and Remi Wolf.

Good Seeds by Ricki Monique

6 weeks ago I covered Ricki Monique’s stunning single “Cereal.” Since then I have been patiently waiting for her debut EP to come out – and it’s finally here. Every track delivers something different yet still feels cohesive on all accounts, a concept very difficult to accomplish in just six tracks. The jazz-influenced production may sound mellow but provides so many layers, while Ricki’s flow levels up as each track progresses.

My personal favorite is undoubtedly “FTG,” the most emphatically delivered song on the project. The instrumental mainly contains drums and a piano riff, creating the perfect complex base to allow Ricki to shine. Throughout the track, she explores her path to where she is today, never stopping to achieve her dreams – a familiar story across her family history. This project deserves all the love in the world, and I cannot suggest highly enough that you listen.

“Star of the Show” by Nitefire

Take a step back into your early childhood on the newest Nitefire single. “Star of the Show” will have you reminiscing of Oasis with a modern twist from the very first second, as the song begins with just drums and bass before a soothing guitar riff captivates the listener. Throughout the track, the duo portrays a love story through the lens of a TV, a metaphor for how their lover consumes their entire life, singing, “I turn the TV on cause you / Let your head hang low / Maybe baby, maybe you’re the star of the show.” Each verse provides more details into the relationship while furthering the use of the metaphor, describing their lack of interest in other subscriptions. However, the star of this show is the final hook – a mellow bridge leads into beautifully overlapping vocals and increased production. It couldn't mean less that this is Nitefire’s third song ever – they are already capturing a huge audience, and showing no signs of stopping. 

“Fall So Fast” by Ajna featuring Q. and Angelina

You only have to listen to Ajna’s new single for three seconds to fall in love. From the horns to the heartfelt hook, everything about “Fall So Fast” featuring Q. and Angelina is amazing. Every aspect of the production from Ajna and Q. contributes to a thumping energy, almost masking the deeper meaning of the song. The hook sets the stage for Ajna’s first verse as he explores his emotions following a breakup, emphatically rapping, “Had to do this on my own just like how I used to / I love being alone but it’s not what I’m used to.” The second verse continues this theme, understanding how they were each in different situations during the relationship, concluding by realizing that he has to focus on himself now. This is a beautiful song, and one that will be in rotation for a while.

“Michael” by Remi Wolf

Just when you think you are beginning to get a grasp on Remi Wolf she throws a diamond studded wrench into it - no matter what direction she goes in, she is always absolutely incredible. “Michael” is her latest of these endeavors, a mellower track yet still allows space for her one of a kind personality to shine, most notably when she screams for the ad libs. Remi tells an interesting love story on the song, seemingly taking pleasure out of what causes the most pain, singing, “Michael / Hold my hand and spin me / ‘Round until I’m dizzy / Loosen up my chemicals.” Remi, Solomonophonic, Porches, and Jack DeMeo all collide on the production, resulting in a myriad of many elements that just work well together – there’s no other way to describe it other than just an incredible listen.

You can find all of my past finds in the playlist below:

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