Freddie's Finds, Volume 21: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 21st volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I will spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes beabadoobee, Ajna, Ryan Hall x Chris Lanzon, and Godly the Ruler.

“10:36” by beabadoobee

beabadoobee is having an incredible 2022, releasing a group of stunning singles ahead of her upcoming album, beatopia. The newest installment of this rollout is the aptly named “10:36,” an ode to the exact time she finished writing the song. Jacob Bugden and her have emerged as one of the best producer-artist combos of the year, displaying amazing synergy on each track, and this one is no different. An electric guitar lead instrumental sounds almost electronic, while the heavy rock influence shines on the hook – and if that was not enough, there is a guitar solo. Speaking on the meaning track, beabadoobee said, “It’s basically about how I have this weird dependence on, you know, human contact to sleep.” A spoken section after the hook makes this apparent, while her lyrics throughout express this feeling, singing, “You’re just a warm body to hold / At night when I’m feeling all alone.” We are less than a month away from beatopia, and my excitement is sky high.

“Lifelines” by Ajna

As he builds up to his sophomore album, Ajna continues to deliver on his single run this year, his introspective lyricism over a flurry of production styles taking hold of his listeners. His newest single, “Lifelines,” is also the title track for the album, epitomizing the themes that will soon be discussed on the project. Ajna gives insight directly into his mind, exploring the cloud of emotions he had to deal with over the last few years, centered around the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Alenah. The music video, directed by Jaxon Buzzell of Modrnation, intertwines Ajna walking in a desert with images of the two together, creating an even more impactful listen. Production from Secret Stash brings a mellow horn-lead beat, a subtle yet powerful pair to allow Ajna’s lyrics to shine. I cannot wait for what is in store from Ajna the rest of this summer, and the eventual release of the album.

“ATL/LAX” by Ryan Hall featuring Chris Lanzon

Ryan Hall has one of my favorite voices in music right now. His simultaneously soft yet striking vocals consistently cut a dagger right through me, and as he continues to explore what he is capable of, his latest single takes his sound into an electronic realm. “ATL/LAX” featuring Chris Lanzon follows up on the themes explored in his last release, “FACETIME” with han.irl, analyzing the intricacies of a long distance relationship from his hometown Atlanta to LA. An acoustic guitar and piano riff deliver a somber feel on the verses, while hyperpop elements on the hook bring a higher energy to the track. Ryan takes the first verse, with Chris Lanzon lending his beautiful voice for the second verse, seamlessly slotting in on the track. It’s a Ryan Hall summer and we are all just witnessing it.

“midwest” by Godly the Ruler

With every new release, Godly the Ruler traverses into unforeseen worlds. Fresh off their EP, dog days, they return with “midwest,” a distorted, fast-paced track. They start the track shot out of a cannon, delivering a first verse that sets the scene, providing context into their upbringing in the midwest. This theme is carried into an ear pleasing hook, exploring the mental toll they have experienced, singing, “I’m a little stressed out / I’ve spent four years in this piece shit town / It’s getting cold I guess it’s time to bring the heat out.” An accompanying quick moving video pictures Godly on fire, covered in glitter, and in a waterfall among many other things, creating an exciting watch to say the least. Keep both eyes fully peeled for whatever Godly is up to next, because you certainly will not want to miss it.

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