Freddie's Finds, Volume 26: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 26th volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Hadji Gaviota, FIG, Lecx Stacy, and Ashoka x Deante’ Hitchcock.

“OOF!” by Hadji Gaviota

Hadji Gaviota’s 2022 is appearing to follow a particular theme: make songs about fucking up and put “OOF!” in the title. A follow up from the burst of energy that was “GOOFY!,” he returned this week with “OOF!” as he continues to explore the situations plaguing his everyday life. From the jump, we are quickly enveloped by Hadji’s overthinking as he falls for someone, singing, “Quick respond, I was feenin like that / Took too long cause I be in my bag / I'm receding right back / Missed details, I ain't read it like that.” Slight distortion on his voice pairs perfectly with the groovy bassline led production sprinkled with sparkly synths, yet it is the infectiously delivered hook that steals the show, repeating, “Oof, my bad, I fucked up! / (Oh No I fucked up again).” I have no doubt that whatever is next in store for Hadji is going to be impeccable — if he’s not at the top of your playlist right now then you are missing out.

“Bing Bong Love Song” by FIG

When I saw FIG’s latest single “Bing Bong Love Song” pop up in my inbox, I was skeptical. Not having heard of FIG before, I was expecting some sort of remix of the inescapable bing-bong noise of Sidetalk NYC. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear her sweet voice grace the light, airy production of MICHELLE’s Julian Kaufman over the course of a blissful 2 minutes. Speaking on the meaning of the track, FIG said, “This song is about trying to work out a friendship or relationship with someone who doesn’t open up or communicate and the frustrations that come with that.” These frustrations are almost masked by the track’s exuberance, which is no more apparent than in the accompanying music video, a winding journey as she attempts to capture the “top secret documents” — a cornbread recipe. With “Bing Bong Love Song” being the first single off of her upcoming project, expect lots on the way from FIG.

“Haunted By Thy” by Lecx Stacy

After months and months of writing, this week I am finally able to write about a Lecx Stacy release. “Haunted By Thy” marks the first single from him since last November, and it was well worth the wait, epitomizing everything that made me fall in love with his production over three years ago on Jean Dawson’s Bad Sports. The angsty energy of the shoegaze style instrumental fuels Lecx’s vocals, wavering between the softly spoken verses and punching hooks. The track sees him explore his inner anxieties, grappling with pressures of being an artist and the mental health struggles he faces, ultimately paving a journey of self-identity. Accompanying this is a film visualizer shot and edited by Lecx himself, creating a fitting yet spooky addition to the track. Hopefully this will just be the beginning of a big year for Lecx, something I am very much looking forward to.

“Sleep On Me” by Ashoka featuring Deante’ Hitchcock

Returning this week with his third single in as many months is Ashoka, recruiting the ever-rising Deante’ Hitchcock for “Sleep On Me.” Speaking on the meaning, Ashoka said, “‘Sleep on me’ is the underdog's anthem. I always saw beauty in being underrated because it fueled me with extra drive, passion, and motivation. In this record, me and Deante’ channel that motivation into bars that will wake all the sleepers up and hopefully inspire those who need that extra push to get going.” Exciting production brings forth a horn lead instrumental toned with a hard hitting bass, while Ashoka and Deante’ each deliver an incredible verse. With a music video on the way, you will not want to miss what Ashoka has up his sleeve.

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