Freddie's Finds, Volume 25: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 25th volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week was one of the best for new music so far this year, making it incredibly difficult to choose my favorites, yet this volume includes Terry Presume, Satya, Malik Elijah, and Katie MAC.

“Loner” by Terry Presume, MIKE DEAN, and See You Next Year

The latest single from Terry Presume marks two important events: just the second release from Terry since his spectacular 2021 EP What Box?, and the third and final single off of the upcoming Pigeons & Planes compilation album. In true Terry Presume style, his distinct voice brings an unparalleled energizing delivery to pair with a deeply personal message. Terry kicks off “Loner” with a smooth first verse before becoming fully absorbed by his Kid Cudi influence. Between the pre-chorus hums, grapples with his often isolated lifestyle, and direct mention on the hook as he sings, “Like Cudi I’m a stoner,” it’s apparent that Cudi has impacted many aspects of Terry’s young career. The message is clearer than ever on the outro, as “I think I’m born to be a loner / I don’t wanna be but I am” repeats over some classic MIKE DEAN synth masterclass and additional production from Capi. The Pigeons & Planes album is set to come soon, and hopefully the same can be said for a Terry Presume solo project. 

“You Said” by Satya

Satya’s sophomore EP, Deep Blue, has been one I have been extremely excited for ever since I came across the artist in May. The beautiful five track project provides a variety of moods, from the delicate, heartwarming “Oakland” to chills-inducing “Ten,” while carrying beautiful messages about the role of love in one’s life. Speaking on the project, Satya said, “The EP tells a story of falling in love, losing myself in that love and becoming blind to the harm of that romance. I kind of lost myself in someone else.”

Each of the two new tracks contribute a somber mood to the EP – especially on the heart wrenching melodies of “You Said.” Satya’s stunning voice takes center stage over an acoustic guitar, as all she needs are 10 lines to convey her message. Amidst a journey of self realization and self love, the track serves as a moment to explore explicitly how the apparent love of the relationship was a mask of the true underlying issues. Deep Blue is certain to be on repeat for a long time – I can’t suggest highly enough that you listen.

“NOWHERE” by Malik Elijah featuring MARCO PLUS

Yet another amazing project to drop this week, Malik Elijah’s DETOUR was one I was extremely excited for, and it delivered on all accounts. Following a lengthy string of singles, including four off the project, the eleven track mixtape feels like anything but as Malik is able to create a sonically cohesive listen. However, it was “NOWHERE” with MARCO PLUS that I found myself playing loop over the weekend.

Malik and MARCO seemingly have a competition to one up each other on the track, each delivering one of my favorite verses off the entire mixtape. Smooth production from SpaceShipShad contains just enough bass to bring energy to Malik’s hook, while still containing a softer touch throughout. The project is riddled with incredible tracks, and it is well worth checking them all out.

“STFU” by katie MAC

Emerging this week between fuzzy vocals and poppy production is the nostalgic voice of katie MAC, returning me to the angsty feel of 2000s pop with a modern twist. Speaking on the track’s meaning, katie said, “While some people tend to bottle things up, my problem has never been expressing my emotions. In fact, I actually can’t stop talking about them once I get started. ‘STFU’ was inspired by one of my best friends who lovingly asked me to STFU about the guy who broke my heart. At first, I was shocked, but then I took a step back and realized she was right – and ‘STFU’ was born.” You can feel the outburst of emotions on the hook, followed by a brief dialogue between friends as katie immerses every aspect of her real life situation into the track. With a music video that will transport you back to the feel-good films from your childhood releasing next week, stay tuned for what katie MAC has in store.

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