Freddie's Finds, Volume 27: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 26th volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week has a bonus track since it was such a great week for new music, including, JASMINEGOLD, Sweeny x MICO, KDVSGOLIATH, Diz x Frank Sativa, and Unusual Demont.

“A Happy Endin” by JASMINEGOLD

When I say I have not been this excited for a debut album in a while, I mean that with zero doubt in my mind. JASMINEGOLD have quickly become one of my favorite new acts of the year, ever since I covered “Conscious” back in March, and have had no choice but to keep up with their hip-hop sound, coming straight out of left field in the best way possible.

The 13 track of Serpent provide an experience unlike any other, no song like the prior. However, my favorite is the closing track, “A Happy Endin”. Kicked off with an electrifying guitar line that cannot help but remind me of that from Kanye’s “Ghost Town”, the track transcends into classical piano led production. The duo’s two members, David Nights and KJ, trade off short verses throughout, their bouncy flows matching the unique energy that shines throughout the project. The future is incredibly bright for JASMINEGOLD — you will not want to miss Serpent.

“Cross the Room” by Sweeney and MICO

If you have spent any time with me this last week, there is almost an 100% chance you have heard by rock out to the booming bass of Sweeney and MICO’s electrifying new single, “Cross the Room.” Words cannot describe how infatuated I have become with this track — it is the first one I play when I get in the car, when I put my headphones in, or when someone asks me for a song recommendation. As the title may suggest, the duo tell a story of catching someone’s eye across the room of a party, becoming unable to lose their sight for the rest of the night. Yet, as the music video exhibits, Sweeney and MICO have both fallen for this person, with MICO portrayed as the confident jock and Sweeney as a jealous, shyer individual. It doesn’t take long for a brawl between the two to break out as Sweeney absolutely destroys MICO before getting arrested, and as the song comes to end, it becomes clear that Sweeney in fact is not going to win the girl over. “Cross the Room” is certainly going to be heavily on repeat for a while — check it out below.


When KDVSGOLIATH released “AGAIN.” I knew I had just found a new favorite artist. The Southwest London native was creating a sound that I just had not heard out of London much, slotting right into the ever expanding alt-rock world. However, he followed that up this week with a very different feel yet equally as amazing track, “WEGOTLUV.” With a direct, fiery delivery, KD turns the energy up a notch over exciting production from Josh Shutter. The punk feel video advances this energy even further, as KD and friends are seen dancing in front of a cross during a series of fast moving shots. Hopefully the hot streak will continue throughout the rest of the year for KD, as I have been loving everything he is releasing.

“SOULFOOD” by Diz and Frank Sativa

It has been almost impossible to not hear of Diz and Frank Sativa as of late, so to no surprise I was over the moon to hear they had a track coming together. Suffice to say, “SOULFOOD” lives up to every expectation, and while you may not expect their styles to work together, they mesh perfectly. Over a soul sample lead beat with bouncy percussion, Diz and Frank create a calm atmosphere, truly an immersive listen. Sandwiched between smooth hooks, Diz takes the first verse, with subtle reverb and vocal effects adding further depth throughout. Frank delivers the second verse, telling a short story as he grapples with his fluctuating emotions. Both artists are well on their way to becoming huge, with “SOULFOOD” becoming another amazing part of this journey.

“Sugar” by Unusual Demont

It’s an Unusual Demont summer and we’re all just living in it. Fresh off the release of his beach day banger “Maybe Not”, he is back with “Sugar”, a slightly more sentimental track yet still more than worthy of being blasted with the windows down. A distorted hook begins the song, introducing us to the theme of the track - realization that one is in love. Demont opts for a melodic, R&B style first verse, topped off with smooth ad libs and vocal layering, while featuring some clever wordplay with lines like, “Towel on my mouth and then she kiss on my fore- (Head maybe?)” and “It’s the weekend all she wanna do is listen to Abel.” Production from Little Terry provides a bouncy feel, creating the perfect base for yet another layer of Demont’s rapidly growing discography.

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