Freddie's Finds, Volume 4: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the fourth volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I will spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. It was an incredible week for new music, including Rue, dyl dion, Baby Tate, and ROLE MODEL.

“Living Is Easy” by Rue

If this is just the debut single from Rue, then I am so excited for what is to come. I was awestruck by the delicacy of their vocals – so soft spoken, yet precise and piercing. Rue describes an isolated lifestyle, a last resort in order to escape heartbreak when you cling onto final strands of hope, singing, “So I never check my phone / Because I know your name will never pop up.” Production from TyFaizon of BLACKSTARKIDS and Medici offers a soothing piano riff, while a later sweet and subtle guitar takes it to the next level. Definitely keep an eye out for what Rue has coming next.

“see me now” by dyl dion

The latest track from dyl dion, “see me now,” is his most experimental yet, taking elements from a variety of genres – something I just can’t get enough of. The vocals have a hyperpop feel to them while the instrumental is highlighted by a unique yet perfectly fitting synth. A lovely acoustic outro is the cherry on top, contributing to one of the many facets of the song despite the total length being just under two minutes. Speaking on the track, he said it was, “An outlet of how I was feeling for the past month. Just kinda like that. Experimenting, trying to have fun with it, and I’m super happy with what was created out of it.” The 17 year old is already making big moves, building up to something big coming shortly.

“What’s Love / Sl*t Him Out” by Baby Tate

Fresh off a far too underutilized feature on JID’s “Surround Sound,” Baby Tate is back with a versatile single pack. My favorite of the two, “What’s Love,” is a melodic R&B track as she questions a lover what love truly means. The layering of vocals on the hook is devastatingly good while the verses showcase her vocal range. 

“Sl*t Him Out” is a stark contrast yet provides the perfect one-two punch. Baby Tate shows off her amazing flows, complimented nicely with a bouncy bass. While it feels as though it needs a Paris Texas signature “ew!” ad lib, it prevails as an interesting stuck-in-your head track. You can’t go wrong listening to either of these, so you may as well listen to them both.

“if jesus saves, she’s my type” by ROLE MODEL

ROLE MODEL has quickly been rising as the king of love songs. Behind two incredible EPs, oh, how perfect, and our little angel, he has built quite the following ahead of his debut album announced to be releasing April 8th. RX is going to be his most thematically cohesive project yet, as he revealed in an Instagram live, and while he couldn’t say too much, it was clear that immense amounts of time and care have gone into making it a reality. 

Alongside this, he released the second single off the album, “if jesus saves, she’s my type.” It is a much more upbeat, feel good track compared to a lot of ROLE MODEL’s past work. It depicts a love story between him and a seemingly nonexistent partner, implying that if Jesus is real then so is the connection between the two of them (the rest of that can be up to you to interpret, I will not be getting involved in religious matters). The video portrays ROLE MODEL as a pastor, preaching to a one woman choir as he shows off his goofy but charming dance moves. April 8th is setting up to be a day to remember, with both ROLE MODEL and Omar Apollo already having announced albums for the day, while more is almost certain to be coming.

You can find all my past finds in the playlist below:

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