Omar Apollo Announces Debut Album 'Ivory' Alongside Single

Freddie Fine

While the Daniel Caesar assisted “Invincible” has been teased for some time by Omar Apollo, he added even more excitement after announcing his debut album. Ivory is set to release April 8th, and if it’s anything like his recent singles, it is going to be amazing.

Back in November, Omar released “Bad Life” featuring Kali Uchis, the first of two singles for the album. The second of these, “Invincible,” is a beautiful track about an estranged relationship, accompanied by a video split into two parts. The first spotlights Daniel Caesar’s vocals as he questions the former lover, singing, “If I were to go / Tell me, would you notice me?” Scenes display Daniel’s near lifeless body being rushed in an ambulance, before being placed on top of a table - becoming the perfect tablecloth for a young boy to blow his birthday cake out on. The second half of the video portrays a masked male couple sharing intimate experiences - symbolizing the struggles that many LGBTQ+ people experience, something Omar has grappled with and explored deeper in his prior projects.

Omar Apollo will also be going on his Desvelado tour with Deb Never later this year, beginning just three days before the release of Ivory. Listen to “Invincible” below:

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