Get to know Dice Soho [Interview]

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Houston native, Dice Soho, represents the city of Houston in the purest form. Following in the footsteps of Pimp C and Paul Wall, Soho burst into the scene at a young age thanks to “Just Watch” with Trill Sammy. Since then he has collaborated with artists such as Ty Dolla $ign, Don Toliver, and Wiz Khalifa. He is also the first artist signed under Mike Dean’s M.W.A. label. Get to know Dice Soho below:

Take me through your most recent single, “The Dash Way” and the sonic direction you took with it?

That song was actually recorded a couple years ago at my friend, D.J. Chose’s house. I’ve been knowing him since I was 10 years old. He produced it and helped me put the song together. It stayed in my notes for awhile, and I was being patient with it. I felt it was the perfect time to drop it. I did the first verse, the hook, and then I went back the next day to do the second verse. I’m doing marketing behind it and have more with it.

Take me through what it’s like working with D.J. Chose and the collaborative process?

A long time ago, it was one of the first of his video shoots I went to, was the first time I met him. He dropped this song that went crazy. There was a party in Houston. OG Ron C was there too. I just started connecting with D.J. Chose more. Being at the same events, it just went on, and I stayed tapped in with him. I watched him get his first plaque, his second, third, and he just went up.

Recently, you’ve been diving more into Latin music with, “Suelta.” What has that transition been like, and what do you have planned for the future with it?

In 2020, my dad called me and told me about his boy J. Money who came in from Colombia. He was waiting for the right time to link us. He said it was time for me to start tapping in with my people. I called him, he came to my crib, we had the studio set up, and his beats were crazy. Everything was natural. He had a lot of years in him. Working with him, more of that Spanish side started to come out. I’m excited for all of the new music and sounds coming. I’m half Colombian and half Mexican. After my grandma passed away due to COVID, I just really went in on the Spanish side and tapping in with my people more.

Being from Houston, how has the city influenced you?

Very much. It’s really hard to not talk like a Houstonian, the slang, how we dress, and talk. People like the Bun B’s, Pimp C’s, Slim Thug’s, Paul Wall. I was embraced by the culture. I was into all of it. Houston turned me into a rockstar. Without Houston, I wouldn’t be rapping, snapping, and swagging how I’m swagging.

Don Toliver recently came out of Houston, and you guys have a few collaborations. You were also one of the first artists from Houston with a buzz to co-sign him. How did that relationship come together?

I just remember every single time we got together, it was a fun time. It was a great time to remember. Whether we were at a studio, hanging out at a video shoot, or partying, it was always fun hanging out with him. I was one of the first person to drop a record with him. We did “Holdin’ Steel” and then another one. He’s so cold. He’s a machine. When I first heard his voice, I knew he was next up. Every time I see him, I just ask him questions. I told him before he got signed that he was going to be a superstar. He’s been in the game for a minute, and you can tell he’s been studying his craft.

You also performed at Astroworld Festival. Take me through the thrill of that, and what did it mean to perform in front of the city of Houston on such a big stage?

It was very very fun. Touching that stage and seeing everyone sing the music word-for-word takes me back. I’m 26. It feels so long ago when “Just Watch” came out, and all the kids were in high school, and I was just graduating high school. It was something I never saw before. Now, doing JMBLYA, Rolling Loud, Astroworld Fest, and now I’m like anticipating the Spanish Rolling Loud. I want to see more faces, hear more voices, and keep growing.

Just in general, we are opening back up, how excited are you to kick the performing up again?

I’m ready to get back on stages. I’m ready to get back on tour. It’s a lot man. This time, I want to do more pop ups. I want to do more stuff outside music. I want to get into the cannabis industry. I want to get with Burna and do pop-ups. I want to get into the electric vehicle world. Bikes, cars, and I want to learn more about Tesla’s. I want to do everything, including fashion.

What’s the ultimate goal with all of it?

Happiness. It makes me happy.

With the music, you’re signed to Mile Dean. What have you learned from him?

He used to tell me not to record so much. There were strategies to what he mean’t. He is really the goat like people say. I signed to him, and it was a blessing. I was able to study a lot; sounds, engineering, mixing, and all the good studio stuff. Anything revolving a studio, I feel like I know 95 percent of it. He is great. I love that guy. M.W.A for life. I’m definitely going to keep delivering music, and he’s behind me 100 percent. I’m warming up.

What can fans expect from you going forward?

I have more “Spanglish” coming out. In 2023, that is when I’m going to unload. This year, I’m working on a new tape, project, and an album. Most importantly, I’m trying to get on that stage.

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