GOM and poptropicaslutz! Collide for Heartache with “Number 02”

Freddie Fine

Amidst an ever rising innovative music scene emerges another name that certainly has to be at the top of your radar — GOM. Despite only having released an EP and a single with Aldrch, he is already making a name for himself with two songs over 100,000 streams on Spotify. His first release since August of last year brings forth his most polished piece yet, “Number 02” with Nick Crawford of poptropicaslutz!

The duo connect for what they are both so good at — angsty lyrics and consistently delivering on genre-challenging sounds. Lead by a sneakily lyrical intro, GOM opens with a heartfelt verse, setting the scene for what’s to come. Production from Aldrch brings forth an electronic hook as GOM expresses his discontent in his current “relationship,” feeling pushed aside as if he is not the priority. Nick follows this up with an explosive verse, further expanding the message as he requests to be the number one.

At just over two minutes, “Number 02” is a quick listen, but certainly packs a punch. Listen below, and look out for what’s to come from GOM:

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