Adopt the Carpe Diem Mantra With Good Rzn’s Latest Release “Running out of time”

Emma Neveux
Credit: Jayden Becker

Ever felt overwhelmed, stressed about not having realistic goals, anxious that you’re going to miss out on things? Obviously that’s called life, welcome to reality. No amount of yoga or therapy sessions will make this go away, but let me bring you in on one of my latest discoveries that will at least entertain your anxiety with a brighter twist. 

The cutting edge and most current exciting Los Angeles-based alt-pop duo, Good Rzn - Josie Molasky (vocalist/songwriter) and Tommy Ghirardini (guitarist/producer) - just released the lead single, “Running out of time” from their debut EP “Falling In Slow” coming out October 20 and trust me, through their psychedelic pop lens, all this sense of urgency of life will sound way more fun. 

The track blends rock and electronic elements with a psychedelic-pop touch. A raw fusion of guitars, synthesizers, and powerful drums accentuates the vocals in this polished alt-pop masterpiece. The introspective lyrics talk about the fleeting nature of life’s precious moments. The balance between the gritty production and the darker psychedelic vocals create this hypnotizing bubble that will cover up perfectly your fear, for the moment being - I’ve said that I had found an accessory to your anxiety, not a lifelong solution, but I feel like it’s still worth sharing with you. 

As the song advances, it smoothly transforms, introducing more instrumental layers and depth, which accentuates gradually the theme of urgency you might feel continuously in life. The duo draws from their distinct talents and offer a fresh perspective on alternative music, merging elements of electronic, rock, and pop. A perfect refreshing product to your current playlist you’ve been tired of listening over and over.

Just follow the duo’s advice and “go dance in the rain, it's been too long."

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