Daniel Noah Miller Makes An Impression On Debut “Otherway”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Daniel Topete

In a time where new music can pass with the blink of an eye, first impressions have never been more important. On his debut single, Nicaraguan-American artist Daniel Noah Miller captivates in short time with “Otherway,” striking an emotional nerve with his broadly genuine voice and sincere penmanship. Described by Miller as “a portrait of communication breakdown,” there is a gentleness to the track that conveys fragility in the relationship, raising the stakes and deepening the impact of each word. There is an overwhelming amount of care put into the track, evidenced visually with the song’s music video that shows the meaningful construction of “Otherway.” Not only does the video help in manifesting the purity the song holds, but shows Miller’s clear intent and inherent talent. In this raw, stripped-down form, we see the music, and its author, simultaneously at their most vulnerable and most empowered. 

While “Otherway” arrives as his first release under his own name, Miller has been performing for years with his longstanding band Lewis Del Mar. His solo project is already proving promising, with more music anticipated soon from the artist. “Otherway” is set to appear on an upcoming body of work from Miller that will undoubtedly be met with much anticipation. Of what is to come, Miller offered the following in a press release: “This new body of work is centered around relationships I had that were falling apart in various ways, for various reasons.  Friendships, partners, loved ones, family members.  It was the first time in my life where my inclination was to try and accept this, to acknowledge that some people could be a significant part of your past without being part of your future.  This is my way of processing that, of holding both those ideas side by side and offering  a tender goodbye.” 

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