Hans Williams Comes with Another Acoustic Gem on “Checklist”

Ian Hansen

Alt-pop artist, Hans Williams, continues to let his vocals shine on his second release of 2022, and his lead single of his upcoming debut EP with “Checklist.”

Not many artists these days are courageous enough or simply have the ability to effortlessly let their vocals ride out on a simplistic guitar melody like Williams does on his most recent track. Not only this, but he lets raw emotion come out in his harmonies and songwriting. “I don’t want to be a part of your checklist / A part of your reckless love,” is just one of many lines where he showcases his ability to tell a relatable story and speak on topics people can resonate with such as the thrill of doing something you love.

Hans Williams sonically might not fall into the realm of what is “mainstream,” but who cares? His music touches the heart, his vocals are a treat, and he knows how to put together a track that will make you feel something. He has a pocket that not many people can touch and will be one of those artists that sticks around for a long time. Watch the official music video and listen below:

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