Monét Ngo Offers a Wistful Sophomore Single, “Ruby Sparks”

Olive Soki

Following the successful release of his debut single, “Lonestar,” Monét Ngo continues to fulfill his creative vision with his brand new single “Ruby Sparks.” Adding to the hazy alt-RnB and indie-rock fusion harnessed in his first single, “Ruby Sparks” reflects on past relationships and self-inflicted deceptions.

Titled after the 2012 movie – which I coincidentally watched very recently – Ngo uses themes explored in the film to speak on his own experiences with love. Minus the creation of Ruby, he dives into the idea of a picture-perfect lover, and finding his dream partner. However, nuances and complications accounted for, relationships rarely work out the way they do in our dreams. Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Ngo says, “It's about my experience feeling like someone was my dream girl, putting them on a pedestal and projecting these unrealistic standards onto them when in reality they are just a person.”

Beyond the lyricism, the instrumental progression of the song adds texture to the story. While the track starts with brightly toned, yet slightly loopy chords and layered harmonies, it quickly takes a turn around the last chorus. Freshly awakened from unrealistic fantasies, the last refrain is smoothly pitched down: a reflection of his tarnished visions, and a return to reality.

Vivid and entrancing, “Ruby Sparks” is the perfect track for your late night drives, and enough to convince you to stick around and see what Monét has up his sleeve.

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