Get To Know hey, nothing [Interview]

Ian Hansen

I recently had the pleasure of catching the dynamic duo hey, nothing during Boywithuke’s tour stop in Indianapolis, and they absolutely blew me away. Amidst the electrifying atmosphere, Tyler's masterful guitar riffs complemented Harlow's enchanting vocals flawlessly, drawing in curious fans into the raw authenticity of their sound. Their chemistry was incredible, and the way they were engaging the audience effortlessly, made it feel like it was their tour. Learn more about the duo below:

How does it feel to be on tour? What does it mean to be able to perform in front of big crowds like this?

Harlow: It is scary, but it is mostly fun. 

Tyler: Yeah, I think it's more fun. I think all of the anxiety is from excitement. It is our first time playing in front of crowds this big so it has been awesome. 

How does it feel to see people reciprocate your music in person like they have been?

Harlow: A little wacky. It almost doesn’t feel real. There is just a level of surrealness to it. I don’t think as humans, we are able to process it.

Tyler: It makes us feel like what we are doing is worth it. This is what we wanted to do since we were little and we grew up connected to music in that way. Seeing people react the same way is amazing. 

What do you want your fans to receive from the music you put out?

Tyler: At the end of the day, we want our fans to view us as normal people. We are not different from anybody else. We are the same. 

Harlow: Music means something to everybody. Especially on this tour, we have gotten to see a lot of young fans connecting to music in that way. To see such young people look at music and be like, “Yeah this is my community,” is cool. That is how we grew up, and we want to do the same thing.

You recently released your song, “Maine.” How exciting is it to have that track out? 

Tyler: We were in Maine for a few weeks last summer, and we didn’t go there originally to write music. It was more for a little vacation or retreat, but we ended up writing five or six songs. There were pretty heavy things going on in our life. It was about a month after the tour, so it was our first time getting to sit down and process anything. Those songs mean more than any other song we have ever written because of how personal they are. 

How would you say performing has improved how you write your songs? 

Tyler: I think there are songs that we perform now that we realize we are feeling more than others. There is more realness. I think now, when we approach music in a writing sense, we are really thinking about if we are going to feel it after playing it live hundreds of times. That is starting to be the feeling with “Maine,” and “The Sink.” We have sung those songs the entire tour, and they still feel as potent now as they did when we wrote them. 

What is the connection with the two songs?

Harlow: They were written in the same spot with the same emotion we were feeling at the time. They both tackle things we were going through at the time. They also have a similar vibe and energy. 

Tyler: There are similar energies attached to them for sure. I’d like to think the EP follows the same story from different perspectives. “Maine” is the perspective of pain and guilt for leaving toxicity, while “The Sink” is the perspective of “I’m fucking leaving this toxic environment.” 

Final question – who is hey, nothing in three words?

Tyler: Goofy, passionate, and sexy.

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