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Nobody has been speed running the underground as fast as Dave Blunts. In a little over a week, the Iowa-based rapper has gotten hundreds of thousands of views while previewing tracks like “Purple Stuff,” “THE CUP,” “CRYING IN THE KITCHEN,” and more. After recently getting a co-sign from Lil Yachty, Dave is taking the underground by storm with his catchy flows, funny lyrics and witty storytelling. I spoke more with Dave Blunts about how he got started, the stories behind his tracks and what he has planned next. 

Where are you from, how long have you been making music for and can you talk about how you started?

I’m from Iowa, the middle of fucking nowhere in a town called Davenport. But I've been making music, cooking shit up for 6 years. I'm 23, and I was 18 years old when I first started making music and quit my job to fully start cooking this shit. Everybody told me I was crazy you know, I felt like chicken little, but now I really feel like chicken little n***a cus the sky is really falling, you know what I’m saying.

How do you feel about your recent success online/getting co-signed by people like Lil Yachty?

I didn’t post on TikTok for a lot of years because I thought it was cringe, but after literally five days of consistently posting on there my shit got to where it’s at now. My fear of it before was that a lot of artists blow up on TikTok, but we only hear the song and no one knows who the fuck they are. With me, people are buying into the lore, because I'm putting my life into this music. I have a very close relationship with God, I have a bible study group with my friends and shit, but God showed me that I was gonna have all this and even more, I just didn’t know that it was gonna happen now. So now it’s the Chicken Little shit, like the sky is falling, now we need you to save us from the aliens. And it’s like fuck man, lemme get my pig best friend and the ugly duckling and the fish and let's just go. I don’t know what we’re gonna do but we're gonna go up to the aliens. 

Speaking about the lore, can you explain more about the story of Madison, Julian, and all the people you name in your songs? People want toknow. 

I got you. I’m not gonna go completely deep into it cus I have a plan for all that, but listening to the music you can tell that Madison is a girl I was fucking with, and Julian is her new guy. The way I found out about it was so nefarious, I ended up being heartbroken about that shit. 

You know what, fuck this shit, I’ma break it all down for you. So Madison is this girl that I’ve been fucking with since I was like 14, we’ve been on and off throughout the years, but she always gets a new boyfriend and tries to make me jealous. I’ve always been a local artist, so people around my city know who I am, and she’ll use that to talk to guys and be like “hey, you wanna talk to Dave? I know him, lemme call him”. To them it’s cool, but she's really doing it to make me jealous and shit. 

This time, when she did that shit she sent me a picture of a dude in the hospital and she was like “yo it’s a Make-a-Wish kid, he wants to meet you, all he wants to do is talk to you before he fucking dies” and I was like if you think I’m stupid just get the fuck off my phone. Then she sent me another picture of her leg on top of him and I was like “get your leg off that boy” and she was like “you wish that was you huh?”, she's just talking that shit, you know what I’m saying. 

Then I’m scrolling on Facebook and I see him and her together and I’m like who the fuck is the n***a with my bitch? I click on his page and see they’re engaged and I’m like oh shit what the fuck. It’s like if you wanna be happy, be in your relationship and be with the n***a and leave me out of it, I don’t give a fuck. So when I saw that I was depressed and hurt for like three days, and I kept going back to the page and I’m like damn this n***a’s really marrying my bitch, that's crazy. And then I just decided to cook that song up, “CRYING IN THE KITCHEN”, and I was like Imma just put all my feelings on that shit. That’s the Madison and Julian situation. 

Can you tell the story of getting head in LAX? Did that actually happen?

I’ll tell you the true story about that shit, just you but don’t share it. Actually nah I want you to share this shit. “Head in LAX” is a song that was on an EP named “Jayce And His Undying Quest To Find His Dad”. Jayce was the name of this dude who I met on XBOX who was just talking that shit all the time and then tried to DDOS me. Little did he know I be making music and shit, so I just made hella songs about me talking about fucking his bitch. That shit actually started gaining some traction and the people he worked with were singing those songs to him on the job. And it made him fucking quit his job. He chose unemployment because he was fucking with me, you see what I’m talking about? People try to fuck with me and it never goes well because I’m able to take the bad and use it for my benefit. 

Can you talk about your experience in the hospital bed at all?

That was back in July of last year, I was suffering heart failure and shit. I had to learn how to walk again and everything, it was crazy. But while I was in there, I had my studio equipment. Music is my life, I love that shit, so I had my mom bring me my studio equipment and I was just cooking. The thing about “Hospital Bed” is that that song is real, but there’s a comedic twist to it. Was I actually in the hospital bed? Yes. Did I try to get my nurse to give me head? No. That break all type of HIPAA laws, I’m not trying to get sexual harassment claims and shit. That's what I do in my music, I have real elements and add a comedic twist to it, and it’s a way for me to deal with that shit. 

What’s your personal favorite song of yours?

It’s a mix between a few. I really like this song I’m previewing called “Purple Stuff,” it’s really fire. There’s another one I got called “HONEYBUNS.” And then there’s the cup song I was previewing as well. 

How important is it for you to have those elements of humor in your music, and what would you say to people who think of you as more of a meme rapper?

That’s the thing, I’m far from a meme rapper because I’m putting my real life in this shit. I really don’t think people see me as that. I work everyday on music, nine hours a day. I’m just having fun, being myself. 

A lot of the shit is real, but it's so crazy that it just sounds funny. Like on the song “HONEYBUNS,” Abigail is the name of a real girl that I was fucking with who actually was selling her pussy, bro. She was actually prostituting herself and I found out about that shit in the craziest way. 

Abigail was always a bitch that I would just have between bitches. I never took her seriously because I knew she was a hoe, I knew she was fucking. We’d usually get into arguments and we’d have each other blocked on social media, but we would always have each other’s phone number. One day she had posted prices on her story and shit, like publicly. And it was low amounts of money, like 60 dollars and shit. Her explanation for it was “a lot of people wanna fuck me, I know my worth” and I’m like “damn, you know your worth? 60 dollars? That’s a Best Buy gift card.” This shit sounds funny but it’s real, and there's a whole lot of other crazy shit that’s happened that I’m putting in songs and all that shit. 

How do you stay so consistent with dropping so frequently? What do you have planned next?

I think I’m gonna stay at my fast pace as long as a label doesn’t fuck me. As long as I don’t get fucked by a label and they only let me release one album a year and shit, I plan on releasing three more albums this year. My album names have followed a theme into each other, “YOU ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL”, “I Can Do What You Can Do” and “I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY”. It’s gonna continue that theme, the idea of me having a conversation with one of my haters. I plan on releasing a bunch more music, and I’m able to do that because my music is a direct reflection of what’s going on with my life at the moment. I’m just a regular n***a and that’s how it’s gonna stay. 

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