Ian’s Producer Picks of The Week: Vol. 7

Ian Hansen

Welcome to volume seven where I highlight my favorite producer moments of the week. This was another great week with releases from Destroy Lonely, slowthai, Kali Uchis, JAWNY, and Jordan Ward. Here are the producers I highlighted:

Carter Bryson, Clayco, & ssort: "if looks could kill" – Destroy Lonely

The long-awaited “if looks could kill” by Destroy Lonely is here, and it has been on repeat since it came out. With every release by Opium, especially Destroy Lonely, the production seems to level up. Shoutout to Carter Bryson for laying down this electrifying guitar melody that puts Destroy Lonely in a completely different lane. Clayco and ssort lay down the rest of the foundation of what I think is going to be Lonely’s biggest song with time. They have also contributed to some of the most iconic moments from Opium such as “Stop Breathing” by Playboi Carti and Destroy Lonely’s last project, No Stylist. I look forward to seeing how the three continue to progress this new lane of music, as I truly think it is only the beginning.

Kwes Darko: UGLY – slowthai

If you have ever been curious as to why slowthai always releases forward-thinking albums that pass the test of time, well, a lot of it has to do with his production. Kwes Darko is a British producer and has worked heavily with slowthai throughout his entire discography including his most recent and long awaited album, UGLY. This album turns the tables with a more progressive rock direction, and I can’t get enough. From crispy drums to crunchy basslines, the production is a highlight and a ton of credit goes to Kwes Darko who produced eight of the 12 tracks.

Sir Dylan: Red Moon in Venus – Kali Uchis

It is hard to argue against Kali Uchis’ album Red Moon in Venus being an early album of the year contender, as there isn’t a single skip on the project. Sir Dylan produced on two tracks with one of them being her single “I Wish You Roses” and the other being “Moral Conscience.” Both have the commonality of spacious synthesizers and an ambience which allow Kali Uchis to tap into otherworldly melodies. SIr Dylan has worked with the likes of SZA, Solange, Rosalía, and Logic. He knows how to bring the best out of artists and did so again with Kali Uchis.

Imad Royal: It’s Never Fair, Always True – JAWNY

One of my favorite indie pop artists right now is none other than JAWNY. His creative hooks and catchy melodies make him one of the more intriguing acts right now, but it is the production that takes the cake. His recent album, It’s Never Fair, Always True is some of his best production to date and you can thank Imad Royal for a lot of it. The Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer contributed to 11 of the 13 songs and it makes sense why it is so clean. Ranging from pop punk inspiration to standard bedroom pop, there is innovative production that takes JAWNY to another level. Imad Royal has worked with some of music’s biggest stars such as Doja Cat and Panic! At The Disco

Lido: FORWARD – Jordan Ward

Jordan Ward just dropped his first album since 2019 with, FORWARD, and it certainly sounds like it came from someone who took their time to perfect their craft. Ward’s off-kilter vocals and superb flows mesh perfectly with the relaxing and experimental production. The man behind the production is Norwegian producer and rapper, Lido. He has the ability to adapt to any sound an artist wants, as he produced “Same Drugs” by Chance The Rapper, and has worked with the likes of Halsey and Jaden. His work on FORWARD exemplifies his versatility as a producer and I hope to hear more projects by him and Jordan Ward.

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