Ian’s Producer Picks of The Week: Vol. 6

Ian Hansen
'Lovesick' - Don Toliver

Welcome to week 6 of my producer picks, and this was easily the most packed week of music releases of the year. Between mainstream and the underground, plenty of producers got their shine. Check out my producer picks below:

Omar Guetfa: "Private Landing (feat. Future & Justin Bieber)" – Don Toliver

Lovesick was easily my favorite body of work that dropped this last weekend, and a large reason is the versatile production throughout. You have a mix of Jersey Club, 70s soul, and the infamous dark trap Cactus Jack is known for. While a majority of the album is produced by heavy hitters such as Hitboy, Cardo — who did the drums on this beat — and Dez Wright, I want to highlight Omar Guetfa, who produced one of my favorite beats from the project which is “Private Landing.” The melody is hypnotic and feels like a vintage Don Toliver beat, and I love it. Guetfa is a Texas native and his style fits right into the new Texas sound that has taken over the last few years. 

BNYX: AftëLyfe – Yeat

Philadelphia native, BNYX, is the mastermind behind a significant amount of Yeat’s catalog and produced eight tracks on his recent album, AftërLyfe. I have watched a ton of BNYX’s live streams where he makes beats, and he has one of the most unique processes of any producer I have watched. It makes sense why Yeat is one of the most unique artists to come out of this new wave. My favorite track on AftërLyfe is the intro, “No morë talk,” which has spacey synths and some of Yeat’s best flows to date. BNYX has also worked with the likes of Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign, and Lancey Foux.

Paryo, Thankyouwill, & Rio Leyva: "Poppin" – Rich Amiri & Lil Tecca

I had to combine the three of these producers because they each played a big part on Rich Amiri’s recent song with Lil Tecca, “Poppin.” Paryo is known for his ethereal samples and recently produced five tracks on Lil Tecca’s recent album, We Love You Tecca 2. From type beats to producing for artists he looked up to, Paryo has come a long way. Thankyouwill produced Tecca’s hit single, “NEVER LEFT,” on the same album and has also worked with the likes of Yvngxchris, and Yeat. He has a knack at creating some of the bounciest and unique samples in the underground, as “Giig” by Yvngxchris is a prime example. Finally, Rio Leyva has helped build and develop Rich Amiri’s catalog and is arguably the most creative producer I have come across. “Poppin” features smooth keys and bouncy bass lines that leaves plenty of room for the duo to sing effortlessly over the beat. 

Fantom: "Hypnotized (with skaiwater)" – Riovaz

Riovaz has to be one of my favorite new artists right now because of how contrasting his music is. He has distinctive vocals and the beat selection is always remarkable, and my favorite track off of his recent album Disturb The Norm is “Hypnotized” with skaiwater. Riovaz over dance beats is elite and this might be my favorite one of his. Fantom does a great job of setting the mood on this beat and showcases exactly why he is such a great producer and has worked with some incredible artists such as 347aidan and Soulja Boy.

Mike Hector, Gray Toomey, & Simbo: "Jet" – Highway

Highway recently released “Jet” and it is easily my favorite song from him to date and it is because of how the beat allows him to tap into vocal ranges I haven’t heard from him before. Let’s start with Mike Hector who never fails to create a smooth record thanks to his unique drum bounce that sets him apart from many. He has produced on some incredible albums such as Denzel Curry’s Melt My Eyez See Your Future, and Doja Cat’s Planet Her. Gray Toomey is heavily underrated on the keys and it makes me so happy that the world can hear his genius melodies. The melody on “Jet” is as smooth as it gets with an airy pad layered with an addicting topline synth. Last but not least we have Simbo who contributed to this song, and he is the jack of all trades. His melodies always stand out, he can engineer, and he always knows how to get the right bounce for any given beat. He has already had a big year, as he also produced “Count Up / Sign Here” by BIGBABYGUCCI.

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